Twenty years ago, it all started in Tom Brovold's garage with an idea for a portable gyratory compactor. At that time, Tom saw the growing adoption of Superpave mix design, and the need for a gyratory that would meet the demands of both contractor and test lab. This wasn't Tom's first rodeo - he had spent many years developing and selling material test systems and servo-hydraulic controls at both MTS and Interlaken. Using his background, and with the help of his family and some good friends, Testquip went on to create the Brovold Gyratory Compactor. Within a couple of years, Testquip was manufacturing and shipping hundreds of machines per year.

By the early 2000's, Testquip had sold patent rights of the Brovold Gyratory Compactor to PINE Instruments. As a testament to the simplicity and ruggedness of its design, a version the same machine can still be purchased today! Over the next several years, Tom continued his involvement with the industry through consulting and the launch of additional products - both the Pressure Distribution Analyzer (PDA) and Dynamic Angle Validator (DAV).

In the last few years, Testquip has re-entered the manufacturing business through the development of the Direct Compact Tension (DCT) and Semi-circular Beam (SCB) machines. Testquip sees the need for and growing interest in cracking performance testing, and has been on the forefront of equipment development in this area. As before, the development of these products wasn't accomplished alone - the invaluable feedback and input from Testquip's many colleagues and experts in the industry have been an integral part in creating the best possible equipment.


Today, Testquip continues to maintain its founding principles. We strive to create innovative and quality products that are at the forefront of industry standards adoption while maintaining a focus on customer relationships.

Testquip also remains a family oriented company. Tom has partnered with his son Shawn to launch both the DCT and SCB machines. Like Tom, Shawn has a background in both civil and mechanical engineering. Although Shawn started his career working summers for Testquip as a student, he also brings new perspectives on product development and software design gained while working on intelligent vehicle systems in the automotive industry.

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