IDT Machine

We have recently added the Indirect Tensile (IDT) machine to our lineup of cracking performance machines. Developed for the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), the IDT machine is capable of running the IDEAL-CT (InDirect tEnsile Asphalt Cracking Test), as well as other intermediate temperature IDT tests. The IDEAL-CT has been specifically developed by TTI to be a simplified cracking test that requires no specimen cutting.

For more information on the IDEAL test, click here to watch a video, or click here to download a publication from TTI.

Similar to our SCB fixture, the IDT fixture runs using average Load Line Displacment (LLD) measurement and control. The fixture utilizes a 10k lb-force actuator with custom hydraulic seals for exceptionally smooth test operation. The test features the latest version user software to simplify the testing procedure, and integrated calculations for generating results immediately upon test completion.

IDT Fixture

The IDT fixture can be purchased as part of a dedicated stand-alone machine, or as an add-on fixture to the DCT or SCB machine. As an add-on, the fixure utilizes the hydraulic power unit, electronics, and controls of the existing machine, but adds the option to run the IDT fixture at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone machine. See our SCB add-on for an example of how this fixture can be added to a DCT machine (the IDT fixture has the same footprint as the SCB fixture).

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